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Affordable Solutions, LLC. is Your Complete Source
for On-Site Document Shredding.

  • On Site Shredding in Greenwich, CT
  • On Site Shredding in Old Greenwich, CT
  • On Site Shredding in Stamford, CT
  • On Site Shredding in Darien, CT
  • On Site Shredding in New Canaan, CT
  • On Site Shredding in Westport, CT
  • On Site Shredding in Norwalk, CT
  • On Site Shredding in Fairfield, CT
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  • On Site Shredding in Bridgeport, CT
  • On Site Shredding in Milford, CT
  • On Site Shredding in Orange (Our headquarters and town we are registered in), CT
  • On Site Shredding in West Haven, CT
  • On Site Shredding in New Haven, CT

Affordable Solutions, LLC. has expanded their services to include mobile, on-site document shredding. We want to be your one stop source for confidential, convenient document destruction.

Advantages to on-site shredding: If you are doing your own shredding in the office, you have probably gone through a smaller shredder (or two…). Instead of the office’s personnel taking time to feed the shredder (and going out to get a new one, once the current one breaks), Affordable Solutions, LLC is taking responsibility for the destruction, and provides a paper trail to protect against liability. By having Affordable Solutions, LLC handle your shredding needs. You will save
at least 25% compared to the cost of using your in-house shredder (labor, maintenance, and disposal costs, dust and noise, and the employees have to separate out the
paperclips, staples, etc.). Not to mention liability issues.
On site shredding offers the peace of mind knowing your documents are securely destroyed.

Other Advantages:

• NO shredder to purchase and maintain
• NO employee wages to pay NO wasted hours shredding
• NO plastic Bags to purchase
• NO disposal of bulky, shredded materials
• NO dirt, dust or clean up
• NO loss of confidentiality

Affordable Solutions, LLC can provide you an executive console for your office. We will set up a scheduled pick-up date with you. You may require every day, once a week,
every three weeks, once a month, etc. And if your needs change, we can adapt a pick-up schedule to meet your
needs. If your console becomes full before the scheduled
pick-up, just call us and will be happy to schedule an
extra pick-up.

Affordable Solutions, LLC will also give you a Certificate of Destruction, assuring you that your materials have been completely destroyed. You or another individual may come out to our truck and witness the shredding process, if so desired.

Laws that require businesses to protect health and financial information: HIPAA and Gramm Leach Bliley laws require that you protect health and financial information, or face fines (up to $500,00.00 and up to 10 years in prison for HIPAA) and ($1000.00 and 10 years in prison for violating the Gramm Leach Bliley law). Also, effective June 1st, 2005 is a provision in the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, which says that if you employ even one person and have personal information on them because you pay Social Security taxes, you must destroy their information before discarding. Offenders could be fined up to $2500 by the federal government and risk being named in a liability suit if your employee becomes a victim of identity theft, the nation’s fastest growing crime.

Even more advantages to using Affordable Solutions, LLC: Your materials are shredded using “Pierce and Tear” technique, which prevents documents from being pieced back together. This is more secure than “strip shredding” which some of our competitors use. You don’t have to sort, remove paper clips, staples, etc. We use state of the art shredding trucks that can destroy any type of materials. All materials will be shredded on site and then taking to a recycling plant. The materials will later become recycled household paper products.

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